We work closely with new customers to determine exactly what their specific needs are. Based on this, we then structure a set of cleaning specifications, customized to provide you with the standards you desire. HTC is open to any specific cleaning requests-just ask!

We recognize that each customer has needs specific to their situation and target those needs. Frequency of cleaning, scheduling of periodic cleaning duties, customer environment and desired level of service are all important factors taken into consideration. By addressing your specific needs, detailing those specifications and training our employees in the proper execution of those duties, we ensure quality service on a consistent basis.

We follow up on our commitments by performing regular and detailed inspections of the building.

In addition, we use other quality control measures, such as our monthly calendar system. This provides the customer, our employee and our management with the tools to properly control and manage the services provided.

Another important aspect of the calendar is that it allows us to schedule and perform on-time periodic services, such as carpet care, floor work, window cleaning and others.

You can be assured that we have developed our systems and have put them in place to provide you, our customer, with exceptional quality service!